SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Millions of Web Sites on the Internet Making Competition Intense

In the enormous world of the Internet, there are millions of operating web sites. While this number was around 230 Million in year 2010 and around 555 Million in year 2011, it rose to 697 Million in June 2012. This only shows a highly rapid progress in increase of web sites on the Internet.

Due to this plethora of web sites, it is becoming more and more difficult for one web site to stand out and get its presence noticed by the masses. But the competition is intense. New competitors are continuously emerging to occupy the shared space of the World Wide Web.

The already established names in the domain have an edge as they are already known to the people and have some dedicated clients/customers/viewers/visitors. However these web sites/companies also need to equip themselves with the latest tools and techniques in order to stay in the competition. It is most difficult for the new web sites and start ups to take the stage and mesmerize the audience to such an extent that they are remembered.

Using SEO to Improve Web Site Rankings

To help both older and new companies alike, in this regard, new techniques have been devised that give a boost in the right direction if implemented effectively. One such technique is SEO (Search Engine optimization). Visibility of any website (or web page) can be increased in search engines’ natural and/or organic results if SEO is applied on it effectively. SEO helps the search engines in finding a web site, when it is searched by entering in different words and phrases (called keywords), and ranking it higher than millions of other web sites. This helps in getting traffic for the web site from the search engines.

In SEO a set of methods and practices are employed that help provide the necessary boost to a web site. Not all methodologies need to be applied on all web sites requiring SEO. The SEO practices are carefully chosen on case to case basis after thorough analysis. Only when the right SEO practices are effectively and efficiently applied, would the recipient web site benefit from this.

AAVANSOFT and SEO Services

AAVANSOFT feels its responsibility to provide crystal clear methodology and all particulars concerning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Where a number one rank in any search engine and instant results cannot be assured; it can certainly be guaranteed that we will use appropriate SEO techniques, suitable for your web site, to provide long term benefits and help your web site get better ranking gradually.

Some SEO tips that can help improve your web site rank are as follows:

  • You cannot search your site on any search engine within 20 days after launching it. The process is not that “instant” and takes time.

  • Create proper meta-tags for your website.

  • Keep your website free from frames.

  • Submit your site URL to all the Search Engine Directories.

  • Put the keywords in the text on the pages accordingly and maintain a reasonable density of those words.

  • Avoid putting keywords in flash otherwise the search engine would not be able to pick the web site.

  • Get a commercial space on any search engine to help improve rankings.

  • Check the traffic on your website regularly and continuously make amends to your SEO strategy where necessary.

In addition to core SEO, AAVANSOFT offers other extensive services as well that fall under the SEO umbrella. These services include as follows:

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Theme Review of Websites

  • Keyword Research

  • Image Review

  • Navigation Review

  • Website Content Review

  • Search Engine Tag Review

  • Finished Layout Review

AAVANSOFT’s dedicated and skilled team of professionals will analyse your web site and corresponding SEO requirements; and then apply the desired SEO techniques to help the web site rank better in search engines. The team will invest all the necessary time and effort into this work to help you with your success. The laborious work will be done at our end, dedicatedly and consistently, so that you may see your web site in higher ranks gradually and reap the fruits of effective SEO.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Marketing to Help Build the Gap between “Supplier” and “Consumer”

To ensure that a web site is appropriately expoint-of-saleed to the target audience; be it an information-based web site or one offering products/services/solutions to the consumers; and to beat the competition in this regard at every step, one needs to employ marketing techniques that work. Marketing helps bridge the gap between the “supplier” and “consumer”. It lets the consumers know that their desired items are available, in case they needed to acquire them.

Search Engine Marketing – Most Recent and Useful Marketing Strategy

If the offered goods are online then the marketing strategy to consume is Internet Marketing. With the beginning of Internet technology era, the method of marketing has significantly changed the insight of the business marketing strategies. One such strategy is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that has played a crucial role being the most recent, easiest and useful way of marketing strategies. It helps promote the popularity of websites on search engines. As a result more traffic is drawn towards the popular web sites which results in increased revenues and visitors.

Search engine marketing usually involves paid tasks that include pay per click services, paid ad placements, paid inclusions and acquisition of keywords through payments. Paying for these services ensures that a web site ranks higher among other web sites in a search engine and is displayed frequently on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

AAVANSOFT and SEM Services

AAVANSOFT offers to assist in the need analysis to unravel the practices of SEM that need to be employed for better results for a particular scenario. The company will help you generate revenue through the provided SEM services; which you can enjoy by seeing it grow gradually.

Some of the services that will be offered by AAVANSOFT are as follows:

  • Pay per click

  • Google AdWords

  • Google AdSense

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social media optimization SMO is technique used to make the content of a web site accessible to social media channels and web sites. In SMO the content of the web site is made easily shareable, tag-able and bookmark-able and linkable. This makes the content travel a long way on the Internet and get spread. As a result the content eventually gets served up to people who have a genuine interest in it.

AAVANSOFT offers its clients SMO services. We can analyse the appropriate solutions, applicable on different situations. We can then correctly optimize web sites for better expoint-of-saleure to social media of choice.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing SMM is an Internet marketing technique to market web sites on social media. In order to do this, paid advertisements can be placed on social media of choice. Relevant quality content can be added to social media web sites that links back to the original web site. This helps increase popularity of the web site as well as increases the traffic.

AAVANSOFT’s team of skilled professionals can assist with the SMM for different web sites. The team can generate quality content to be point-of-saleted on social media that links back to the original web site. This can greatly increase the web site traffic and can in turn make the web site rank higher in search engines.

E-Mail Marketing

As the name suggests, e-mail marketing is marketing done using e-mail as the medium of communication. It is a direct marketing method where commercial messages are sent out to relevant recipients.

Purpoint-of-salees of E-Mail Marketing

There are several purpoint-of-salees for using e-mail marketing:

  1. 1.

    Retailers, merchants or service providers communicate with their customers through e-mail messages in order to stay in touch and strengthen the relationship.

  2. 2.

    Business related e-mail messages are sent to directed audiences to find new customers; interested in acquiring the offered products or services.

  3. 3.

    Companies advertise their products and services indirectly by getting their ads inserted in e-mail messages sent out by “other” companies to “their” current and/or potential customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

E-Mail marketing is just like any other marketing technique. It cannot be considered as 200% perfect. It has its own pros and cons that play a role in the overall e-marketing strategy.


Some of the advantages and reasons for popularity if e-mail marketing are:

Cheaper Cost – It is far cheaper to send marketing information via e-mail than by regular point-of-salet.

High Speed Delivery – E-Mail messages can be delivered to recipients with lightening speeds; unlike the older point-of-saletal methods.

Ease of Use – It is easy for businesses or individuals to dispatch e-mail messages (even in bulk). The process is so easy that anyone can do it by themselves.

Direct Access (to customer) – E-Mail messages reach inboxes of the desired recipients directly, without involvement of any other tier.

Push – Sending e-mails is a “push” service. Businesses can send the required marketing campaigns to directed audiences. Whereas, if advertising is done on the Internet on a web site, it is considered as “pull” where users have to come to the web site themselves.

Incorporated Personalization – For customers, the e-mail marketing messages can be personalized based on their preferences.

Clients as Marketing Agents – If the customers are happy with the products or services offered to them, they would be more than happy to recommend the company to their acquaintances. E-Mail messages are very handy to be forwarded to other people in considerable numbers as well.

Purchase Tracking – If crafted successfully, e-mails sent for marketing purpoint-of-salees can also track the number of times the recipients purchased a marketed product or service.

Complimenting Entity – E-Mail marketing is an entity that not only plays its part in marketing on its own but also compliments other marketing strategies.

User Permission – In e-mail marketing, the most successful campaigns are the ones where users themselves have opted-in to receive those e-mails. When users give their consent to be sent marketing material, they are more likely to pay attention to it.

Increased User Expoint-of-saleure - Internet and E-mail are popular digital media among the users. Since their popularity is increasing rapidly, the e-mail marketing campaigns are also becoming more effective, due to getting more user expoint-of-saleure.


In contrast to the advantages, e-mail marketing also has some disadvantages:

Spam Suspicion - E-Mail messages can get filtered before reaching the recipients if suspected of being spam.

Law Breaking – Messaging system through which e-mail is sent could be violating laws governing the geographical location where these are sent.

Rejection by E-Mail Servers - Many e-mail marketing messages are rejected by e-mail severs.

Discard by Recipients - The percentage of e-mail messages discarded by the recipients is growing day by day. One of the reasons could be that such promotions fail to make a connection with the reader.

Technical Difficulties – E-Mail messages delivery issues could arise due to technical difficulties; like power breakdown, unavailability of Internet connection, problems with the computer etc.

AAVANSOFT E-Mail Marketing Services

Regardless of the disadvantages, e-mail marketing is still a very powerful medium of marketing. The businesses which ignore this medium waste a portion of their prospective revenue. If used efficiently, e-mail marketing can cause a considerable boost in business sales or product/service promotion.

AAVANSOFT offers e-marketing services that are easy to use for anybody. No technical expertise is required to set up the e-mail marketing account and to start manipulating it. It is a flexible platform that can easily meet your needs of e-mail marketing. Our solutions are customised for our values clients so that they have a “at home” feeling with the e-marketing services. Out solution is robust and is capable to deliver our client requirements. We have dedicated server at the back end that prevent any choking of data, and thus prevent delays of sending out the e-mail marketing messages on the desired date and time. Our systems switch to the backup systems in case of power failure. In this way your e-mail server never gets offline and remains busy delivering e-mail messages 24/7.

If you are in need of a system that can sort all your e-mail marketing troubles, AAVANSOFT has just the right solution for you

Referral Marketing

There are several different methodologies of marketing available. These can be employed by businesses and service providers to promote their respective products and services. Online Marketing can be done through advertisements, ad banners and marketing e-mails, to name a few. When products and/or services are promoted through word of mouth or “referrals” then this is called “Referral Marketing”.

The word of mouth marketing strategy has been effective since a long time. It is not any less effective in the modern times either. Research shows that referral is one of the best ways of marketing. It is so because users are more likely to trust word of mouth as the best source of information about a product or service than any other medium.

The Internet age of today has taught people to share anything they like on the social media of their choice. Users are continuously busy sharing pictures, quotations, stories, saying and other pages that they find useful and interesting. Such users would refer a preferred product or service in the same way too. If the users make their referrals on their own, it would be beneficial for the referred business, but not to a great deal. Businesses need to channel the referrals to gain maximum advantage.

A strong referral program can motivate customers to refer the products and services to their acquaintances. While most of the customers are likely to make referrals on their own, the rest can be convinced and encouraged to do so.

AAVANSOFT offers referral marketing services offer an easy to use referral system. This can be incorporated in the user retail web site. From there, users will be allowed to make referrals to promote the respective product or service. The referral system can be beneficial for both the referrer and referee.

In addition to promoting referrals, this system will provide analytical data to the users as well. This data will include analytics of measure of the reach of communications, measure of sales, number of referrals per end-user, to name a few. When an end user makes a referral, the details will be stored by the system. These details will be viewable by the users of the system. If any individual, to whom a referral was made, visits the web site, it will be instantly noted and reported too.

If you need to incorporate referral marketing strategies to your marketing plan, employing AAVANSOFT referral marketing system will sort all this effectively for you and your business.

Social Hub

Social media is one of the strongest weapons of any business’s marketing arsenal in the modern age. Companies that do not employ social media marketing techniques to promote their businesses fall behind the ones that do. This type of marketing is the latest trend and in order to thrive, businesses need to keep up.

Customers are more than Just Loyal Customers

These modern marketing techniques work towards gaining customer loyalties at a whole different level. The customers, who prefer a product or a service, unconsciously become its brand promoters by sharing its information among their peers, family and acquaintances. In other words, the modern day loyal customers are not just customers; they are also support and marketing agents.

Continuous Social Media Monitoring

With social media marketing in place and customers acting as business promotion agents, a lot of mentions get made of the businesses on the Internet. Be it on blogs, social media networks, discussion forums or “tweets”, the business product or service “mention” can surface anywhere. When this happens, the businesses need to have their “ears” open in order to be able to listen in on these little communications. This type of monitoring provides different types of information like customer feedback, product popularity and even competitor views.

Effective Routing of “Social Media Mentions” Traffic

When little volumes of such traffic are being received, companies can easily appoint individuals to deal with them appropriately. But as the volume of this traffic grows, individuals can no longer handle this on their own. Companies then need to implement a system that not only captures this traffic, but also routes it to the relevant personnel in the company so that they can take effective measures on it. For example, customer complaints need to go to the Support department. Communications about potential customers showing interest need to be routed to the marketing personnel so that they can follow up. Similarly traffic related to competitor analysis or competitor views needs to go to business development strategists who can come up with better product plans to remain in the competition.

AAVANSOFT’s Solution for Handling and Routing Social Media Traffic

AAVANSOFT offers the “Social Hub” solution that can handle all your social media traffic in a most effective way. This application can crawl the web, based on your provided keywords to “listen” in on the communications based on that keyword. It can then bring back all the snippets of Internet conversations to a central hub. Again based on the appropriate keywords and specified workflows, the application can then route the conversations to the relevant personnel for further action. This way no information is lost and relevant people are prevented from receiving irrelevant data. Individuals’ efficiency can be improved when they can focus all their energies on only the task at hand instead of fighting off irrelevancy.

With AAVANSOFT’s Social Hub in place, your business can be ensured that even the tiniest piece of information will not get unnoticed; and will be routed to the hub for further appropriate action. We help even the little make a big difference in your business success.

Media Buying

The need for marketing and advertisement for all businesses is established and strongly recognised. Without proper advertisement, businesses cannot present their expertise to the target audience. And when the target audience is unaware of a potential product or service it can benefit from, then it is not a beneficial situation for any of the two parties. Mutual benefit of these two entities can only be aided through proper advertisement and marketing.

Effective Ad Space and Placement

One of the factors that can make advertisement more successful is the efficient placement of ads. This includes procurement of advertisement space obtained at an optimal price for the desired time duration. This space can then be used for effective ad placements. This technique is more commonly referred to as media buying.

Media Buying Services Offered by AAVANSOFT

AAVANSOFT offers unmatched media buying services that can guarantee a boost in your business. Our skilled team is the best media buying planner that can assist you in your similar campaigns. Our media buying expertise is focussed on one domain and that is the World Wide Web. We exercise our media buying dexterity on the Internet and find great cost effective media placements options and deals for our clients. AAVANSOFT’s services offer good value for money. We carefully invest the revenue provided to us for such campaigns and increase the ROI for our clients in terms of better promotion of their businesses.

Media Buying Services offered by AAVANSOFT include (but are not limited to) as follows:

  • Analysis of the overall advertisement requirements of clients.

  • Preparation of an advertisement plan.

  • Identification of suitable advertisement placement options.

  • Acquisition of the media ad placement space.

  • Negotiation in advertising rates with the ad space providers.

  • Establishing an appropriate schedule and frequency for advertisement.

  • Helping in building a promotions campaign around the client ad campaign.

  • Handling of invoices and billing according to the advertisement schedules.

  • Helping in promotion of the business through effective advertisement placements.