Software Development

Software Development is one of the key services offered by AAVANSOFT. Our smart team of professionals will first refine your requirements after an iterative collaboration with you. The team will then effectively actualize your concepts and deliver the finished product to you. We excel in providing real time, customised, stand-alone and distributed software applications to our customers that meet or exceed the requirements.

ERP: ERP software is the need of every small and large company today. They need to maintain their routine activities, maintaining their business records, and every transaction management is done via the use of ERP software system.

CRM: Customer relationship management system will keep track of your customer records, transactions and other relevant activities that you encounter during your deal with your customers.

Stock Inventory: Stock inventory is a small management information system that keeps track of your business equipments and stocks, and as a manager you can find out the need and requirements of your future.

Supply chain: Many organizations follow the process where raw material is processed in a series of steps; the end produce are finished goods; these goods are supplied to the consumers. This process is called supply chain. For such organizations, it is of utmost importance to properly plan, schedule, control and maintain the supply chain; otherwise the business operations could be disrupted poorly. AAVANSOFT offers a supply chain management solution that makes maintenance of the supply chain process a breeze.

HR Management System: Hiring the best staff is always the slogan of any professional organization; HR management system is software that can improve your selection as well as management of all your staff.

HR Management System not only maintain the track of the employees but it also stores their daily performances, recruitment sections, payrolls, their current and previous status to determine the quality performance of an employee, their working hours (normal and over-time), monitoring attendance and all the other essential documents to track the records of organizational activities.

CMS Customization: CMS are software developed for managing the interactions with your customers like transactions, giving those services etc.

Finance Accounts: Every company which are running a business needs to keep track of financial transactions. Our team of experts and highly qualified developer develop software for you to manage all of your financial transactions in a user friendly way.