Social Media Monitoring

For individuals, social media is a means to connect with other individuals. These connect-able individuals range from friends and family to colleagues and acquaintances. For businesses the idea of social media is also all about connectivity. However, this connectivity is slightly different from the way individuals connect with each other. In case of a business, their social media presence acts like a hub where other individuals can gather. In other words, for businesses, social media means to be as available as point-of-salesible to the masses as point-of-salesible and remain very approachable so that others can connect to them.

When users connect to social media pages of businesses, they provide direct thoughts on the page. Businesses can then read the feedback and analyse it into something meaningful so that they can benefit from it. Sometimes users provide feedback on a brand or business on social media without directly connecting to that particular company’s social media. To gain access to such indirect feedbacks, social media monitoring tools are required. These tools help “listen” and “notice” the mention of different companies on social media and bring that information back for manipulation. By using social media monitoring tools, businesses can take advantage of many things, some of which are listed as follows:

Getting to know your Community

Anybody who consumes what you offer to them becomes a part of your community. If you are a business person, your community would mainly consist of the end-users of your product. If you are an author or writer then your readers form a major chunk of your community. If you are a service provider, your community would comprise of the people using your services. These communities grow with time as more and more people start using up your products or services. Now, where you always know what you are offering to the world, you seldom have knowledge of who is consuming that stock. You may not find this information useful either. But think of the point-of-salesibilities and opportunities that you could have if you knew about your community. One straightforward benefit of this knowledge is that you can prune your services and customize your products for the needs of your consumers. This would result in customer loyalty and your customers would gladly refer your name to other users who require such services. This means more users for you and more revenue.

Tapping In the Potential Sales Market

All the time on the web, several social communications are taking place where people are talking about something they need. Someone could be looking for a new t-shirt, someone could be looking for a piece of jewellery, someone could be looking for a new mobile phone; while others could be looking for web development services, legal consultation or graphics design services. A portion of these users would be on a serious look out of the items they discussed. Consider the wealth of opportunity for the business that offer products and services required by the people; and magnify it considerably for the businesses that know who to reach out to, to sell their “goods”.

Engaging with Customers

In a time where people like to link and connect using online media, customers and potential customers are also interested in connecting to the brands and service providers of their choice. Potential customers want to connect to gather more information about their desired products. Existing customers prefer to link to stay updated about the improvements and upgrades of the product. The reasons for wanting to connect may vary from person to person. No matter for what reason the customers want to engage, the link up itself is very beneficial for the businesses. By allowing customers to connect, businesses offer a sense of belonging to them. When customers get connected, they become familiar with the business and feel comfortable about buying from it. Engaged customers are more likely to purchase products and services from the business than the disengaged ones.

Brand monitoring (Self)

Everybody wants to know how others are talking about them. Is the feedback good or bad. Good feedback makes people feel happy. Bad feedback makes them reflect if it is justified; and if yes then it gives people a chance to correct themselves. Same is the case with businesses. If they can know what other people are saying about them it is an advantage. Whether the feedback is good or bad, it is equally beneficial. Good feedback will give the businesses a chance to further improve their products and services. It would also give them opportunities to focus on newer products. Bad feedback will help businesses correct their processes and perspectives so that the quality of the overall end product is improved. Also businesses can work towards improving that area which is attracting the negative attention. Knowing what others are saying gives an opportunity of self accountability and improvement to businesses.

Keep an Eye on Competitor Activity

A competitive environment is a healthy environment. Competition motivates businesses to improve their facilities and offer better products & services to their customers. Competitors try to gain an edge over fellow competitors; which gives rise to an atmosphere from which the customers can benefit. But for this, businesses need to keep an eye on the feedback their competitors are receiving also. Listening to the competitor related feedback will keep them updated on that front while providing an insight into the progress of that competitor. Keeping that feedback, combined with the feedback their own customers are providing, businesses can improve overall considerably.

AAVANSOFT Social Media Monitoring Solution

AAVANSOFT offers a robust and a scalable social media monitoring solution that can fulfil your extensive monitoring needs. It can help you listen to conversations based on your provided keyword. The application will keep you on top as far as collecting relevant information from different social media channels is concerned. This application will not present the collected data to you in “raw” format. The collected data will be properly analysed before display. The analysis will convert the data into something meaningful and understandable, which will help you in comprehending it easily. AAVANSOFT Social Media Monitoring tool is easy to use for everybody. Any layman user can understand the flow and working of the application with ease and can start using it in no time. The setup is also very painless and easy so the companies can start their social media monitoring as soon as they acquire the application. AAVANSOFT also offers support facility for the application to assist its customers. This is a highly affordable solution that can strengthen businesses by providing them with relevant insights from social media channels.