Social Business Solutions

Communication is the key to solutions. When people can connect to collaborate and communicate, they can conjure up ways to tackle challenges. When businesses facilitate all their stakeholders to connect, collaborate and communicate; they give rise to social business. The idea of social business is not new; however, its potential has been realized only recently.

When such an environment is nurtured where individuals can interact to quickly find solutions to problems, social business comes into existence. It is a methodology that paves the way to removing unnecessary barriers that hinder progress.

Tools of communication like Telephone and E-Mail already exist. However, in order to boost effective communication, social business solutions are called for. The social business solutions provide a channel to people where they can professionally collaborate in an eased up environment. With such solutions in place, organizations and enterprises can see a rapid progress in all their business operations.

Different types of social business solutions are offered by AAVANSOFT to cater for different segments associated with the business. The list of these solutions is as follows:

For Team Communication – This solution allows all members of a team to connect and collaborate; regardless of their physical and geographical locations. Team members can easily send messages to their team mates on a one to one basis; or multiple members (or the whole team) can collaborate in real time by discussing and brainstorming ideas on a central discussion board. Users will be able to point-of-salet questions and team mates having answers would be able to reply back, thus giving rise to proceedings towards problem solving. Different types of activity streams will keep the team members updated on the current happenings. These streams will broadcast updates on what specific users are doing, what is the progress on a project, who has recently been added to or removed from the team or what is happening in the different offshore locations of the office.

For Organization Collaboration – Scaling up the team communication a number of times would equal to overall collaboration within an organization. On this level different teams may need to interact to get things done and get problems solved. Organization wide incorporation of this solution will help with better collaboration. This will be an Intranet based solutions that will change the way your teams communicate with each other. Teams will be able to communicate publically or in private groups in real time. In addition to this, the solution will allow the HR and higher management to reach out to the employees through blogs, video logs and message boards. The solution will be accessible from anywhere from any device, provided it is Internet enabled and there is proper Internet coverage. Teams will be able to subscribe to relevant feeds about other teams, projects, progress boards and other activities to stay updated. Users will also be allowed to subscribe to the blogs and v-logs of their choice.

In order to fully harness the power of social business, certain tools, approaches and strategy is required. Proper gear is required that will allow the teams within the company as well as the customers to interact in an efficient manner.

For Customer Interaction – Customers are a very important stakeholder of any business. In fact, they can be considered as the most important stakeholder also. Without the customers, no business can thrive. Therefore, all business emphasize greatly on meeting customer demands and keeping them happy. To gain customer loyalty is not an easy task. In addition to providing good quality products, business needs to provide better services to them as well. One such service is the provision of customer support relevant to the purchased product or service. Customers like one to one instant interaction with the businesses. For this purpoint-of-salee, we offer a solution that allows you to create a healthy customer community that will grow continually with not only interaction with you but also with each other. Customers with problems will be able to point-of-salet them where other customers will be able to provide solutions. Allowing the customers to interact this way will help convert your customers into loyal customers; and loyal customers into your support agent. This social business application will easily plug into your CRM to enrich you with formal as well as social customer data.

For Marketing and Sales Activities – Marketing plays an important role in the success of a business. It helps a business reach the potential target audience; and effectively present its activities and details of the offered products/services to that audience. With effective targeted marketing, businesses can witness a boost in their sales. For marketing and enhanced sales as a result of this, a platform is required where a business can interact with its potential end-users. With this interaction, businesses can hook the end-users to acquire their goods; and also reel them in to be their brand ambassador. In today’s world, people tend to “share” any worthwhile stuff with their family, friends, colleagues and peers using the online social media. If a customer is happy, he/she will share the business information with his/her acquaintances. This can start a useful chain of product promotion where the customers are acting as marketing agents; an extension of your marketing team; for a business to enhance is sales. This will give great returns as the time progresses. AAVANSOFT offers such a social business solution that helps you build a customer based marketing and sales community. Using this platform will help keep the loyalty of the customers. It will also allow for better marketing and enhanced sales of your product/services through your valued clients.