SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing. SMS stands for “Short Messaging Service”. This method of advertising employs mobile text messages to promote products or services. These messages are usually sent to users who have opted in for this service.

This method of marketing and advertising is gaining popularity. It is due to the fact that since they allow such messages to be sent to their mobile phones themselves, the target audience is more likely to acquire the advertised goods. Also the advertisement sent is delivered directly to the message box of the recipient without any filtering or blockage. The percentage of such messages to be read (and not discarded) is far greater than their e-mail equivalents.

Mobile devices are becoming main modes of communication between people and these devices are also being used to gather information via Internet or other sources. These are devices from which users seldom part; day in and day out. Sending targeted advertisements to people on these devices via SMS is very effective in introducing potential clientele to new products and services.

This marketing method is cheaper to user than its other counterpart methods. Also, sending out SMS messages in bulk is very cost effective. In addition, the access to the target individual is almost instant which drives more business. With all these benefits in place, businesses need to employ them to give a boost to their sakes.

AAVANSOFT offers a comprehensive SMS marketing solution that works 24/7 to fulfil your needs for SMS marketing. This solution is easy to operate and its setting up is also uncomplicated. Using this solution you can easily and effectively reach your target audience and promote your products and services. Using this software, you can send simple text messages or messages with link to your web site to the recipients. Not only this, but this powerful software allows you to send polls to the recipients as well and compile their feedback too. If you are looking for effective SMS marketing solution, AAVANSOFT should definitely be your choice.


MMS, short for Multimedia Messaging Service, is a popular method to exchange different types of media through mobile phones. Where a standard SMS (Short Message Service) allows only 160 characters of text to be sent, MMS offers much richer options for data exchange. Not only text (and much more than an SMS) but media can be sent to other mobiles through this protocol. The media may include pictures, sound clips and videos, to name a few.

The adoption and popularity of MMS has increasing considerably over the past so many years. It is believed that this increase will continue in future years as well. There are many reasons for this popularity of MMS among the masses. Some of the factors to which this popularity can be attributed are technology advancements in the mobile phone sets, improved interoperability and a boom in popularity of social networking websites. Improved sets and interoperability make it easy to compoint-of-salee and send these messages. The advent of social networking web sites and their popularity has greatly increased the trend of “sharing” amongst all users. Users are all the time sharing lots of stuff including pictures, quotes and information etc. with the habit of “sharing” incorporated in the lives, people also tend to share media off the social networking channels as well. The easiest to do this is to send the media via MMS. Another reason for encouraging popularity of MMS is the cheaper rate to send one. In the past sending an MMS used to cost a lot. However, with all the advancements in technology and telecommunication systems, the prices have dropped considerably.

Since people are more expoint-of-saleed to MMS, this mode of communication can be exploited for the marketing purpoint-of-salees as well. MMS advertisements are many times powerful than SMS ads due to the rich content contained in them. More and more businesses are making MMS marketing an essential part of their marketing campaigns.

AAVANSOFT offers MMS marketing solution that highly targeted and effective. Using this software, businesses can send MMS marketing messages and promotions to the desired target audience. With text supplemented with media in these messages, such marketing campaigns are far popular and effective than SMS marketing methods. AAVANSOFT’s solutions offers businesses to avail this marketing opportunity and encourages them to sign up to start getting the benefits. Some of the features offered by the software are as follows:

  • Text message comprising of up to 1000 characters as oppoint-of-saleed to only 160 in an SMS.

  • Facility to include images, sound clips and videos.

  • Online and downloadable MMS Compoint-of-saleer

  • Ability to send MMS to multiple numbers at a time.

QR codes

QR codes (Quick response codes) are two dimensional, square shaped matrix barcodes. These codes are becoming more popular than the typical bar codes due to the ability to store much more data than their older counterparts. These codes consist of black dots that are distributed over a square shaped area in seemingly random patterns. The information embedded in QR codes can include URLs, text messages, phone/fax numbers and e-mail addresses to name a few.

These QR codes are becoming the focus of advertising and marketing strategies. QR generating web sites and applications are becoming popular while almost all the smart phones are equipped with QR code scanning capabilities. In other words it can be said that all smart phones can easily act as barcode reader; portable ones that people carry around with them everywhere in their pockets. Message hidden in the QR codes can be read after they are scanned.

There is an element of mystery and surprise for the consumers that can be channelled by the marketing strategists to lure the users into scanning the code. Since the message in the QR code is hidden, it creates suspense in the onlookers and thus motivates them to scan it to find out what it says. By luring in users through QR codes, powerful marketing and business promotion messages can be communicated to them.

AT AAVANSOFT, we have a marketing solution for consumers who need or want to use the QR codes for this purpoint-of-salee. We assist out clients all the way from analysis and planning of the marketing campaign all the way through to the actual execution of it. We offer QR code generation services that can be customised according to your needs. We also offer QR code scanners that can be used to decode the messages embedded in the codes. Not only this, but we also offer analytics and reporting of the data as well. Data of users scanning and using the QR code can be stored and presented in user friendly reports. These reports can then help businesses tweak their marketing strategies as well as help in improvement of their offered products and services.