Boom of E-Commerce

E-Commerce empowers the consumers to buy from anywhere in the world; regardless of their own physical location. The same advantage is reciprocated for the retailers who can sell to anybody in any part of the world. For the past many years, E-Commerce is experiencing a boom. More and more retailers are making effective use of this and expanding their businesses on an international level.

Magento: A Robust and Cutting Edge Platform

To expand the e-commerce operations, a robust and cutting-edge platform is required that will support this activity. There is no such powerful platform available, more scalable and reliable as Magento. This e-commerce platform promotes selling of products using a rich feature set. Not only this, Magento helps retailers offer secure payment options to its customers and also assists in organising those customers. In short, Magento is an open source platform that offer easy integration, handling of complex catalogues, secure payment gateways, shipping management, customer management, marketing and analytics; to name a few. In addition, the platform also supports multiple languages.

Magento for Everybody

Magento helps retailers in fostering their rapid growth in the international market by allowing flexibility, reliability, robustness and ease of use. Not only established retailers but also new online start-ups can benefit from Magento in developing their businesses and extending it to a vast potential customer-base.

Flexible Magento CMS

Magento is a CMS for E-Commerce which offers all the desired features to conduct a retail business online. Its flexibility allows developers to tailor it according to customer requirements.

AAVANSOFT Magento Solutions

At AAVANSOFT, a team of skilled personnel customize Magento according to customer requirements. They efficiently integrate the customized solution to the existing infrastructure of customers on the basis of their knowledge and expertise. Combining with a state-of-the-art design and technical architecture, immensely powerful yet user friendly e-commerce applications are churned out.

AAVANSOFT offers highly adaptable, scalable, robust and secure e-commerce solutions by employing the Magento platform. With this platform in place, the frequency of your sales will increase significantly. By integrating Magento into your web site quickly, we will also save your precious time. Although credit cards are not supported in Magento, but we offer customized solutions that allow you to receive payments via this mode of payment as well.

Magento Services by AAVANSOFT

Magento is a powerful and feature-rich platform that provides a host of services to the users. AAVANSOFT offers the following e-commerce services based on the Magento platform:

Design - We provide a complete Magento Website Design to cater for your E-Commerce needs. We create amazing websites that are customized according to your demands. Our designs are user friendly and visually engaging that ensure increase in individual user visits. The designed websites capture the users’ attention while the easy navigation keeps them browsing different pages. By keeping the users engaged, our website designs increase the likelihood of users converting into customers.

Development - With a strong infrastructure at its core, Magento is one of the fastest growing e-commerce solutions of the world. It provides the necessary support to all online retails businesses so that they can operate effortlessly. Magento’s platform is highly scalable that grows with the growing business needs of customers. It offers a magnitude of features that suit needs of businesses at different stages of their lifecycles. AAVANSOFT harnesses the power of Magento platform by offering development services for your Magento E-Commerce Website, implemented to meet your needs and desires.

Integration - Flexibility and adaptability of the Magento platform allows it to be integrated with other applications to provide a complete e-commerce business flow. It can plug into the customers’ legacy systems, integrate with existing business software, link up with databases, Points of Sale (POS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, payment gateways and stock managements systems, to name a few. Our expert team provides seamless integration of Magento with our client’s systems.

Installation – Magento framework is not available in an installation friendly package. It is available in a form that needs a lot of tweaking and tuning before it goes live. The Magento team at AAVANSOFT understands the nuts and bolts of the Magento platform and thus can easily conjure a workable session. Our services include complete Magento setup & installation so that you can concentrate on the other pressing matters of your business.

Upgrade – One of the best things about Magento is that its developer community keeps enhancing and improving it from time to time. These upgrades are available after almost every six months. While this is a point-of-saleitive since the framework improves, these upgrades sometimes can prove to be a pain as well if businesses do not have the appropriate resources to take care of them. AAVANSOFT assists such businesses and customers in installing the upgrades. Whenever Magento Upgrades are available, our skilled team will help install them to upgrade the framework.

SEO – Calling Magento search engine friendly would not be wrong. Its code is weaved based on best practices of the industry. Also it features XML sitemaps, clean URL strings, flexible and clean Meta information that would make it rank very high in the search engines. All these features offer an advantage over the other e-commerce platforms. However, Magento is not a magical thing that will instantly make a website “hit”. In order to make a website rank higher, the power of Magento needs to be properly used and infused with SEO best practices. This ensures more traffic and conversion of visitors into customers. At AAVANSOFT SEO Services are offered for the Magento platform that can help rank your Magento E-Commerce website higher in the search engines.

Hosting - We offer reliable and secure Magento Hosting services for your business needs. Our services are hassle free and can be customized based on your instructions. AAVANSOFT has a strong backup infrastructure in place to cope with any kind of hardware, power or software failure. Having AAVANSOFT as the hosting provider will ensure that your Magento website will remain live and accessible by the masses 24/7.

Consultancy - If you do not wish to hire our services for Magento E-Commerce Website design and development, we can still assist you by providing Magento Consultancy. This can help you in choosing the best feature set for implementation for your Magento website. We can do a thorough analysis of your existing systems or Magento website to gather detailed information. This information will give an insight on what is making your website a “hit” and what is making it a “miss”. Our experiences and skilled team of consultants can formulate an appropriate plan to help you enhance the strengths and correct the flaws.

Themes Implementation – Magento comes with different themes to suit the business needs nd client preferences. These themes can be a means to represent the essence of the business. Our services include Magento theme customization and implementation to suit your requirements. We will integrate your desired themes in the Magento website like your own signature on your web presence.

PSD to Magento - Our skilled design teams can convert your Photoshop designs into Magento themes. These themes can then be implemented as a cross-browser supported and XHTML/CSS markup-ready solution. We strive to make your visually pleasant website accessible to the maximum audience.