iPhone & iPad App Development

iPhone an iPad are slowly becoming the most used and preferred gadgets of connectivity by the masses. A good majority of users of these devices are potential consumers of product and services offered by different businesses. Due to this fact, it is important that special attention is paid to this medium too and to reach out to the potential customers. AAVANSOFT offers design and development services for iPhone and Pad applications. These applications are not only flexible, robust and user friendly but are also visually pleasing.

Mobile applications are the upcoming world in the software development and going above the web. This is the natural expansion of every social & business application. These applications are building access of your business and social network to every pocket. And this access is making you benevolent for more commercial and social opportunities.

Iphone applications are disturbed into three core group: Utilities & Promotional applications, E-Books and Games. We translate your business concept into a commercial reality.

Aavansoft key focus for the applications is utilities & promotional and E-Book applications like;

  • Content Based Applications

  • E-Commerce Applications

  • Video, Music & Photo galleries

  • 3rd Party Site integration

Ipad applications technically are the combination of web applications and iPhone applications and configured with Microsoft Exchange Servers. Aavansoft develop all core applications for iPad.

iPad works with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or 2007, so you can get push email, calendar events, and contacts securely over the air. In addition to Exchange, iPad connects to open standards-based servers for mail, calendar, and contacts.

iPad offers layers of security to protect your data. You can require complex pass codes to access important information securely, encrypt data over the air and at rest, and even remotely wipe everything from your iPad instantly in the event of theft or loss.