Customer Support Help Desk

Customers are one of the most important stakeholders of any business. Without customers, a business is nothing. They are the end-users of the products and services offered by a business. They consume those items and in return they pay the businesses back; which is how businesses earn their revenue. The more the customers, the better the revenue earned.

Successful businesses pay special attention to their customers. They do not break their ties with the customers as soon as the “goods” are delivered to them. Instead, these businesses maintain long lasting relationship with the customers that are strengthened over time due to constant nurturing.

The relationship can be extended if the businesses offer additional services to their loyal clients. These services can range to anything. However, one of the most important services a business can offer its customers is the support facility. This facility is important due to the following reasons:

  • Flaws could occur in a product or service at any time. When this happens, the user would naturally want a solution to fix the flaw. This is where the help desk comes in.

  • Even if there is no flaw, users might still want to know how to utilize the full potential of a purchased product or service. User Guides play an important role in providing this sort of information. But many users still look for human interaction to get their information. Help desk plays a part here as well in delivering the desired information to the users.

  • Some customers may need to get their products and/or services upgraded or enhanced at a later stage. In order to get this done, they need a contact person to help them. There is no better place to find and contact such help than on the company help desk.

With AAVANSOFT Customer Support Help Desk, the support activity is a win-win for all stakeholders involved. The interface, ease of use and on the go access of the application will help the support center personnel in doing their job. With such a user friendly application, the support people would love their job and would be more enthusiastic about providing support round the clock. Using the application does not require technical expertise. Therefore, this product is highly suitable even for the non-IT companies as well; or the companies that do not have IT personnel on board.

Customers would be able to report their issues using the Help Desk application. The interface is easy to use and manipulate. They are also not bound to report only via the help desk application. Issues can be reported via Facebook, Twitter and other social media web sites as well. With the flexibility to report their issues or point-of-salet their questions using a variety of mediums including e-mail and social media web sites, the customers would feel comfortable in reporting. This would be accessible from anywhere, which significantly enhances the convenience to use it.

The customer support help desk application has features that are useful and effective. The usability of the application has also been turned up for the convenience of all users; support people and end-users alike.

All sections and features of the help desk are linked together in a logical manner. Users need little to no time in fully understanding the application and to start using it.

On-the-go Access - The help desk is accessible on the go. Whether you are sitting in office, in comfort of your home or on the move, help desk application is easily accessible. It can be accessed from iPhone and Android enabled phones, through PCs/Laptops, tablet PCs etc.

Consolidated Social Media Feeds - Support issues reported on different social media applications can be consolidated neatly on the help desk dashboard. The support person would know the medium where an issue was reported and attend to it accordingly.

Knowledge Base - The help desk application comes with a “Knowledge Base” that can be used to make the support process more helpful for the end user. Details of all previously solved issues can be added to the Knowledge Base which is publicly accessible to the users. In case an issue is encountered, users can first search the knowledge base for answers.

Statistics and Insights - Help desk application provides statistics and insights on different activities performed using the application. Pre defined report formats can provide business insights on (but may not be limited to) as follows:

  • Number of issues reported in a month

  • Number of issues resolved by a support person

  • Most issues addressed by a support person

  • Number of issues reported on different social media

Branding for Businesses – Help desk application allows businesses to change its look and feel to match their own business web sites. This gives more confidence to the customers when they recognize a familiar branding on the support web site.

Customer Discussion Groups – on Help Desk, businesses can create discussion groups where users can point-of-salet their questions and other users can reply to those. Being able to provide solutions to problems, users will feel a sense of achievement and belonging. These end users would unintentionally act as support agents on the business’ behalf.

If your business wants to exploit the power of social media for enhancing the user support and Help Desk experience, AAVANSOFT Customer Support Help Desk is a great choice for you. If you have more questions or need to discuss pricing options, please contact our representatives. We would be happy to assist you.